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Re: 58 Plymouth Factory Build sheet

From: Kevin Mueller
Date: July 24, 2001


Hi Al: Thanks a million for the quick and knowledgable response! Are you sure 253 = Torqueflight? The car presently has a Powerflight. It doesnt shift until warmed up though so I have a 58 Dodge torque flight being rebuilt this week. I have a pushbutton set for the new tranny that is from a 58 Plymouth.

The Vin Number is LP2 22938 The cowl tag is 152- -4874

I think this was an early production car. There is no "Plymouth" stamped into the round center cap on the steering wheel. I have obtained a Power steering column / wheel for it.

The color is a sort of coppery pink with a white top. The top has been repainted so I can't say for certain it was always white, but it probably was. It has silver sport tone trim and it is absolutely perfect!

You are right about the washer, back up light and 2 speed wiper. It has a pushbutton radio that still works but "All it plays is those old songs"! The motor is a 301 Two BBl, or at least that is what the distributor number calls for in it's application.

There is no insturment panel pad present, maybe it was removed. It does have sun visors, they are paper with zillions of tiny holes in them.

On the second line, 345 has a 3 typed over the s so I think this is what the last line is meant to clearify by saying "above job takes 345"

I could hardly believe it when the thing blew out from under the seat! I had never seen a Build Sheet, but I recognized it as such instantly. I said "Geez, it's the freekin build sheet!" and slowed down to put it in the glove box. I will have it "conservation framed"!

Too bad about the factory air! It's been pretty hot here lately!

Thanks again! Do you know the number for Sport tone trim?



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