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Re: Crime Story '57 300-C and '61 Fury

From: alumcan
Date: July 25, 2001


Yeah, I was a close follower of Crime Story back there in '85-6-7 untill it went off of the air. The part of the program that I don't understand. They were Chicago City cops orginally. How in the world did they get to be Las Vegas Cops? I musta missed that episode. The old man was going to buy a new car in 1960. (Since I was born in '47 untill Dad's death in '87 he has owned only three new vehicles. '47 Plymouth, '60 Plymouth, and '87 Dokata) I tried my best to talk him in getting a 300-F. (My fascination with the Letter Cars started at a early age. Instead of 'doing my book learnin' in school, I sat and drew nothing but the Letter Cars on my notebook paper.) Mom wouldn't hear to it. So Dad wound up getting a '60 Fury 4-door sedan with a 361 crossram. In '61 he took it back to the dealer and they gave him $250. and a brand new poly 318, and done the swap. If I remember he bought the car at Mullins Motors in Marieatta, (or how ever your supposed to spell it) Ohio. They sold the 361 to some guy in Dayton. Yeah, now that you mentioned it I DO remember reading where the Crime Story 300 Convt. was for sale for $35,000 several years ago. Some guy in Chicago owns it. You got 10 or 15 different pait jobs on that car, weither you wanted it or not. All of the cars in Crime Story were re-painted for each episode. Someday, somehow, I'm gonna have and enjoy a D Convt. Even If I have to make one. They took a Ford LTD and made a Tucker. I seen a guy take a '51-2 Henry-J outer body pannels and graft them on a old LeBaron Convt. If they can do that, somehow I ought to be able to hang 300 body panels on a Imperial, Cadillac, or Caprice Convt. Did you read that 'post' where there is a '60 NYer hardtop station wagon in a yard? A nine passenger NYer station wagon is as about as rare as a '60 Edsel Convt. (72) There is some rich 'blow hard' in the southern part of the state that claims he has the 72nd one. Like that guy said, THAT car should have been hauled out and stuck in some shed. One person just can't save them all. Oh well. What did you think of the '58 Fury couch on that site that 'Dave' E-Mailed me? Later.


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