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Re: Crime Story '57 300-C and '61 Fury/WOW!

From: Kenny J.
Date: July 25, 2001


As I recall, the interior was done decently, in what appeared to be leather. It may have been vinyl. It was red and probably had to look decent for close up shots. At this date, I can't recall how original the seat details were. The door panels seemed correct, though a bit "lumpy." The dash was gorgeous. I am an employee of the Public Safety Department at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. I was working uniformed security that night and was assigned to guarding the cars. I didn't actually see the filming, but I got to talk to a couple of the cast's regulars. Nice people. One of the guys who played a mobster offered me a plate of food from the caterer. It was an offer I couldn't refuse! :-) I drove the '59 Chevy several years after the show ended. The guy who bought it decided not to fix it up. He found an Impala and this car was a Biscayne. I do remember that the 300-C's exterior paint was buffed to a high shine. The car's sheetmetal appeared straigh. We all know that a black car always needs extra careful bodywork or every little ding shows. The white Ford police sedans were typical vintage Southwestern U.S. "drivers" rust, but plenty of painted over dings from thirty plus years of being on the streets.


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