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Re: '58 NEW YORKER.../please webmaster...Couches are taboo

From: alumcan
Date: July 25, 2001


Hey Sid, Lookey here!! Don't that make your old sphincter pucker up? OK, one more time! This New Yorker is a parts car. Now repeat after me, PARTS CAR. Now lets spell it. p-a-r-t-s c-a-r. Now that isn't so hard now is it? A parts car in the English language is just what it means. That I will trade/sell most parts off of this car except the motor and the front 1/3rd of the frame. As far as fixing this car to drive. Only a total brain dead, or some rich person that has more money than brains would attempt to sink tens of thousands of dollars just to put this car on the road. Why put that kind of money into this car, when you can buy a NICE four door Chrysler for around five or six grand. Your right! It's MY car, and if I want to take the whole thing and make a hundred and fifty two flying penises and testicles, I'll do it! Enough said! Sid, you do what's in your heart over there, and I'll do what's in my heart over here! Done!


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