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Re: Cost of shipping Aussie MoPars

From: adam in australia
Date: July 25, 2001


Hi Alumcan, Older utes (Utility vehicles) from the 1950s are becoming very rare in Australia..They do pop up from time to time, but most of the time they do need work to the body, due to rust..The 65 Valiant ute, unfortunatley, mightnt be hitting your shores after all, as the buyer had some financial problems, the cost of shipping to Los Angeles would be around the $2200 mark, but Im looking around for a cheaper service..So, with the rate of the Aussie dollar being at an all time low, about half, its not a bad time for you guys to buy a unique collectible car, that is a genuine show stopper, for a small amount as compared to other high priced US Mopars..Oh, those 300s are LHD, I was on the phone last night trying to get in contact with the owner of the 3 of them in his collection, but apparently he has gone "bush", again..As for me having all the Body no.s/engine no.s, for the R/Ts etc and other Aussie Chryslers muscle cars, I do have them, so I know what is and isnt a fake car..Can someone tell me what a Good original condition 300C be worth, but non matching #s car be worth in US dollars, the car has the original type of motor, car has been resprayed, and the car is complete, no options though, except for Power windows..


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