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Re: 350 eng.HELP!!! / ID Fury

From: alumcan
Date: July 27, 2001


Hey John, sounds like you got a weird problem on yer hands. Actually the only place that A-freez should come out of a head is a freeze plug. Stick your nose down into the radiator, does it smell like exhaust fumes? With the car running, is there a lot of bubbles, (air, NOT a female) up at the neck? Does one tailpipe always stay wet? Is there any white smoke? If you have the above you got a crack in the exhaust/combustion someplace. If the A-freez is just trickeling out of one of the bolt holes, that hole MIGHT have been drilled and taped too far at the factory. There is a certain kind of permetex, and probably a thousand other kinds of sealers that work in water/A-freez. Clean the threads good, smear some stuff on the bolt, torque it down, and don't worry about it. Unless you are a perfectionest, and only do things right or not at all, then change heads. Not good advice, is it? You question over in the 'Exhaust fume' section, how to ID a Fury. Look at the suspension. Furys have bigger torsion bars. Don't ask me how much. I can't rmember. But a Fury and a V8 Belvy side by side, you can tell the difference. (1/8" .124?) The brakes are a little bigger, the tires were a little bigger, I think 8.00's Fury, and 7.50's Belvy. The wheels are a little (1/2" ?) wider. The rear springs are different. Six leaves. The last leaf is like a little traction bar. It only sticks towards the rear a couple of inches, but goes up towards the front almost a foot. I have a 'south bound' section of a 'north bound' '58 Fury frame up here next to the woods. I just went up and looked. Does this help or totaly confused you? E-Mail Daven Anderson on this site, he seems to know everything. Also E-Mail the webmaster, Dave Stragand. He knows everthing about '58 Plymouths. If he don't, he'll know who does. Well, have fun.


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