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Re: possible rare interior option???

From: alkumcan
Date: July 27, 2001


Joe, Is that tissue despenser, does it have a MoPar isniga/part number? Or is it J.C Whitney or something? GM (I know, don't rell me, bad word) made tissue despensers under a factory part number, starting clear back in the early fifties. I had one to a '54 Chevy once. I'm sure that Chrysler MIGHT have made them too. But I have NEVER seen one in a MoPar. Like you, I got a MoPar part that I/no one can identify. I have a NOS left fender, that no one knows what kind of MoPar it fits. (No part #) I know it is a MoPar fender, because the place for the 'Penstar' emblem is actually 'frenched' into the fender. It's a mystery. Oh well.


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