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...and they're STILL saying "Numbers Matching" engine!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 11, 2001


Deadbeat bidder? I mean even in my '60 wagon with the 440 I at least painted it Golden Commando gold and used an older Mopar dual-snorkel air cleaner that looks fairly close to the original!

An actual 383 "Golden Commando 435" single four barrel engine would be extremely rare. It was a police engine,and there was a dual inline 4-bbl. version as well. A few were known to be fitted to 'civilian' cars (I've seen one Fury sedan with the single 4-bbl. version),but this required a special LPO (limited production) order. At least half of the Plymouth dealers nationwide in 1961 wouldn't have been able to order such a car!

Motor Trend Feb. 1961 discusses these LPO 383 engines,and even said "While the 383 Sonoramic Commando is an RPO (regular productiom option),you are not likely to find such cars in stock at your regular Plymouth dealer.".


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