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Re: ...and they're STILL saying "Numbers Matching" engine!

From: alumcan
Email:    (304) 296-1954
Date: August 12, 2001


Daven, intersting story about the 383 in the E-Bay Fury. (I asked if they wanted to trade for my Hemi DeSoto Rod, they said no! Oh well.) That got my 'feeble' brain cells working and I remember now, that in 1961 Sistersville, WV bought a '61 Savoy Cop Car. This thing, (I think, it was a 383), had a 2-4 cross ram, with a 'three on the tree'! WAY TOO much car for that 'dinky little town' The cop would race that car. He beat you, you got a 'standard' speeding ticket. You beat him, you got double cost of a speeding ticket back. I've NEVER had the fortune to actually SEE him race, but I heard stories of guys comming from all over the OHIO Valley, in ALL different kinds of vehicles, (lots of Vetts)and I NEVER heard that he lost a race. Well, except when the town council/mayor caught him, and fired his (censored)! The next cop just idled that car around, and it Never did run right after that. So what 383 motor was in that cop car, with a cross ram. I DID see the motor several times. I NEVER raced him, couldn't, I had/still have it, a warmed over, split,(sweet sound) 235 '54 210 2-door Chiverlay. Later.


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