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Re: Warning about a thief on E-bay more than one!!/300's

From: alumcan
Date: August 12, 2001


Adam, I have bought a Christine item from a E-Bayer, down under. (I can't rmember who/where now. Good Grief, it might have been you!) I normaly ONLY pay/accept CASH! Unless like this instance, I send/accept Postal Money Orders ONLY. Fraud with a Postal Money order can be prosecuted by the Federal Goverment/Postal Inspectors, under Mail Fraud. Other money orders CAN NOT be prosecuted. What's this PayPal 'feces' anyway? How in the world can someone/thing electronically send money to someone else when there wasn't any money to begin with? Oh well. Hey, did that guy down there that has those 300's you want to see/buy, did he finally get in from the outback/bush, or did he get lost? I would like to know what you found out about the motor numbers, and see some pictures. Did you CHECK out that Switzerland link? Do you guys 'down under' do feces, and have fun like they do? Later.


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