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More on '60/'61 engines

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 13, 2001


My Plymouth Salesmen's Book for 1960 shows both 361 and 383 Sonoramic Commandos available. The 361 was order code #354,MSRP $270.10 and the 383 was order code #356,MSRP $286.30. The 383 "Golden Commando 435" single 4-bbl. is shown as code #355 limited production option,no MSRP as they were ordered from fleet sales. That engine was intended for police use,but a buyer in the know at a dealer with a fleet sales dept. could have ordered one for his regular car.

Some speculate that the reason why the 361 Sono. was dropped before the end of the 1960 model run is that the 383 version was only $16.20 more (and this makes sense)....

By most accounts, some 1961 Plymouths were built with 413 V8's starting around April 1961. (In response to the Chevy 409,also just coming out)


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