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That said, the later flange crank and a P/B 727 is a better idea!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 18, 2001


Yes you CAN do a billet crank with an 8-bolt flange, but really the later crank with a pushbutton 727 is a MUCH better idea!

The MP 4" stroke crank (P.N. 5007256) fits in your poly 318 and is only $349 ready to use!

You have to use a '62-64 pushbutton A-engine 727 (or a '65 A-727 with a '62-64 pushbutton valve body swapped in), BUT this is a great idea.

1. It weighs 65 lbs. less than your A-413 cast iron Torqueflite.

2. It uses 10-15 less horsepower than the A-413. (10-15 more HP at the output shaft)

3. It's easier to get parts for!

4. It shifts with your '57-61 dashboard pushbuttons. The cable hooks right up!

5. A guy building a Max Wedge clone will be only too happy to get the A-727 he can't use out of his garage, several of us have grabbed good A-727 pushbutton trannies for FREE (!!!) from them! Even if you're not in the right place at the right time,the A-727 is still a relatively easy and cheap find.

Just my 2 worth....


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