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Re: FREE A-727'S!!!  YOU'RE KIDDIN'!!

From: alumcan
Email:                     (304) 296-1954
Date: August 18, 2001


YOU'RE KIDDING!! YOU CAN GET FREE A-727'S!! Good Grief! I needed a A-727 to go behind this early Hemi I was putting in a '48 DeSoto I was building. Back here they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find! I looked for almost nine months before I was even able to find a good one to re-build! Then I had to trade TWO B,RB-727's for it! One of the B 727's just had a fresh $350. (going price) re-build. I didn't actually pay that. I pulled the tranny out of a car that I was scrappin'. THEN I had to spend $350, to get the A tranny re-built. By Golly, save me a couple for when the next time I head out to the 'left' coast. GEEZEE, FREE! Imagine that!


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