57 DeSoto Help

From: Brian Cooper
Email: 57plymouth@msn.com
Date: September 08, 2001


I have the opportunity to look at a 1957 DeSoto four door tomorrow. The owner didn't name a price, but I was thinking ahead and said my 57 Plymouth was only worth about $2500 he he he... Anyway, he says it is a 426 Hemi, which I am certain is a lie. What I want to know, is what motor should it have, how hard is it to find mechanical parts for a DeSoto, is there anything special about a DeSoto I should know that is different than my Plymouth from that era (floors, quarter and headlight eyebrow rust, glass, etc.) before I jump into it? What specific parts are hard to get that I should look for to be on the car? He says it is running by the way. I have not seen it yet, but if it is I will try to get it cheap.