Re: swaybars

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: October 16, 2001


Hey Frank, everyone else. I did this on a early Hemi powered MoPar Rod with Great results! A late '90's F-150/full size Bronco rear swaybar assmbly almost BOLTED ON between a '48 OM frame and a '70 Fury rear. (8 1/4). Should work on anything else. Simple straight 'forward' installation, and cheap. I gave a U.S. Grant for two complete sets at a 'late model' junk yard here. Should be a 'snap'(installation) for any Forward Look car! F-250/350 S.R.W. is almost the same size as the 150/Bronco, but the bar diameter/rear end clamps are a lot larger. Might be too heavy for a car aplication. Good luck!