Re: So how do I get the WINDOW FUZZIES OUT!!!!!!

From: George
Email: gsv@dakotacom.net
Date: October 25, 2001


Sorry for hijacking your question Brian. I asume the fuzzies are the window channels. I have the same job on my 58 so I tore into it and here is what I found. First and most obvious, remove the door panel. Next, since your window is gone, remove the vent assembly. Should just be 4 screws holding it in place. With the vent assembly out the channel that runs along the top and down the rear side of the door should just pull out. The replacement piece should then press in place. The second piece will go on the vent assembly rail. This will be trickier and I must admit I haven't tried it yet. Anyway the channel on this piece is riveted in. It looks to me like the rivets will have to be drilled out and a replacement part held in with glue. I hope this helps.