Re: air conditioning/freeze yer puiteties off this time of year!

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: October 26, 2001


Bobby, that channel 11 thing there on yer e-mail address, that isn't Channel 11 WPXI up there in Pittsburgh is it? That's where our 'Fearless Leader' lives! Anyone ever figure out why he's hard to get a hold of? (Awnser) He just made it out of puberty, and is running around 'in heat' most of the time! WHOO-HAW. OK, back to your AC question. Let's see if I can play teacher, without other students poking fun. The new aftermarket, (Street Rod application) AC/heat/def units do not receive outside air circulation. They just recirculate the inside air for better operation. ie: inside cool air is recirculated through the evaporater, (under dash unit) and is chilled colder and sent back throught the little vents in the dash as brrrr, cold air. A lot easier on the unit that way, than taking warm/hot outside air and trying to cool it enough to satisfy you/yours through the vents. Same way in the heat mode. That great big ugly hole in the firewall can be done in several different ideas. You can take a nice piece of 'loomnum', paint a picture of Bin Laudin's butt on it and run a little hose from your oil pump and squirt some hot oil up his sphincter! You could recess it, in and plant some 'whacky bacckey',,,,,,,aw, I'm just teasing. Use your imagination. Why not leave the orginal cover on? You don't have any Street Rodder neighbors, where you could get Vintage Air's and Air Teaque's number? Have you tried to punch those names on the web? By now one of them shoud have made a complete pkg, custom fitted to the '57-'59 MoPars. Putting one of those universal units under your dash would be a snap! Once your OM heater unit is out of the way, you got gobs of room up there. A whole lot more than I had to work with! They make units that completely hide behind the dash of a Model T! I'll tell you what. Let me call a couple of my buddies, and see if they still have any of their catalogs. And I'll get back to you either later on tonight or tomorrow. OK? Once you get the picture, how small/compact these units are, and just how easy they are for the average fumble fingers to install, you'll probably have one on your ridin' lawn mower. Later