Re: Dropped spindles for Fwd Lk cars/FIGURES

From: Kerry Cameron
Email: kmcamlaw@sbtc.net (605)698-7104
Date: November 19, 2001


Would any of you be intrested if I got some billet spindles made from the proper materials? I am thinking of having the local machine shop do me up a pair and I may market them if they work out. Give me some response if you are intereted. I ran my '58 Plaza Coupe on the rubber bump stops all the way through high school Mr. Cooper, I know you can lower the car that way. I just am at am age where I have a lot of fillings in my teeth and would like to keep them there. Most any dirt track race shop will build you some tubular upper control arms with heim joints so you can really adjust camber and caster for those of you young enough to put up with the rough ride. I just spotted the specs on Richard Zocchi's "Shooting Star" '61 Dodge Polara in the Jan. issue of Custom Rodder stating that the car runs dropped spindles in the front and thought that someone might have finally brought these out. I suspect that this high buck custom may have custom machined spindles on it. Lets hear if any of you are interested in dropped spindles.