Re: What to look for in a used Forward Look ride?

From: Gavin
Email: gavin.upstill@btinternet.com
Date: November 22, 2001


Gas guzzling ?? I have a '60 Plymouth Belvedere with the slant six, here in the UK, and you should see the looks on peoples faces when they hear it does around 26 miles to the gallon. They always assume that because it looks like a space rocket it must consume fuel like one. People pigeon-hole all old american cars as "gas-guzzling" but the forward-look era mopars are actually pretty good. Much better in fact than later cars and especially today's SUV's with around 12 mpg. Don't worry too much about the gas mileage, concentrate on finding one with sound bodywork (unless you fancy taking a course in welding !) Best regards, Gavin