Re: Plymouth 318 engine rebuild

From: MOE77
Email: MOE7707@veracom.net (316)529-0039
Date: November 22, 2001


Hi Charles I know about the 59 Ply 318 4bl. I took one out of a wagon to put in a 392 Chry Hemi. But thats another story. If its a street car dont go over 262 degrees on the cam. Keep the stock 4bl. carb. Its VERY rare. But when you rebuild it set the flote level at 5/16. Trust me Ive been running AFBs for 34 years. And thats the only way to get them to run. Also there is a passage at the back of the main body up high that conects the flote bowles block it off with epoxie. Then convert to elec. ign. And go to a spark plug that has the gap flush with thds, set the gap to .045 MOEs gone