300 HP 2.2 L "Super 60" four-cyl. would fit in a Yugo GV

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: November 26, 2001


Mopar steroids for a Yugo? Well the 2.2/2.5L four cylinder would physically fit under the hood,but you'd need custom motor mounts,shorter half-shafts out of the transaxle (the Yugo GV is narrower than any K-car based Mopar),custom transaxle mounts, the front floorpan will need some enlargement, maybe a hoodscoop from the Yugo GVS 'sport', a Mopar engine computer and all the rewiring that would entail (the Yugo GV is basically a reworked 1970's Fiat 1100,so I think rewiring would be well worthwhile!),and lots of other miscellaneous modifications that it would take too long to list here. Also,you might want to strip the Yugo to its bare shell and dip it in POR-15 so that it wouldn't disintegrate the moment the turbo spooled up (ha ha!)....That said,you could have a car weighing around 2200 lbs. (counting the added weight of the 2.2 and some chassis structural reinforcements) with 300 HP,it seems to me it would be pretty darn FAST! (oh,and the LOOKS on people's faces when they get smoked by a YUGO!) And yes of course,I loved that movie "Drowning Mona" where the whole town is driving Yugos (BUT since there were no four-door Yugos in the US a debadged Dodge Omni served as a Yugo lookalike police car for the towns' police chief played by Danny DeVito,so we get a bit of Mopar trivia in there as well!) It might cost you 20 grand to make this 11-second giant killer Yugo,but if you want to be DIFFERENT that would do it!