Re: 57 savoy flathead 6

From: Brian Cooper
Email: 57plymouth@msn.com
Date: November 29, 2001


I have a flathead six in my 57 four door. I also have a two speed tranny. This is THE most reliable car I have been around. I put 11,000 miles on it before it gave me any trouble, and that was a 25 year old fuel pump let go. Vintage Power wagons sells dual carb setups as well as split exhaust, hotter cam, higher compression heads, etc. Your car likely had a 3.73 gear from the factory, so top end will be low. I drove mine every day for 5 years, and still drive it at least once a week to work. If you keep it under 65, the motor will just purr along on the interstate. I think if I had a differnent tranny I would be better off, as I have seen older Plymouth's running at 75 with no problem. I don't feel like changing my gears around to go faster in my cruiser. If you keep your rpm's under 4500 as a general rule (gotta let her breath sometimes!) you should never encounter any bearing or crank wear problems. Cylinder wall wear will be just like any other engine, so change your oil regularly (you already knew that). Your stock motor is a 230, but any speed part for a 218 will fit. The only difference is the crank / rod / piston assembly. If it is a manual tranny car, you could always put a overdrive four speed out of a Volare in, but you will have to change to a floor shift.