Re: 57 savoy flathead 6

From: Gary
Email: lancer_41@excite.com
Date: December 01, 2001


I grew up with flathead Mopars, and found them to be extremely strong. We had them in farm equipment, tractors and trucks. All gave good service under extreme conditions. My first flathead car was '48 Plymouth that was driven very hard without any problems. It was drag raced nearly every day, and saw many hours at 100 mph. A '53 Plymouth followed, and it was driven even harder since it had some modifications. I managed to spin a bearing after leaving late for school in 40 below zero weather. I floored it from a cold start and buried the speedometer for several miles before it failed. Nothing will survive that kind of abuse. My later flatheads were driven more moderately and delivered well over 100,000 miles of reliable service. FWIW, my old Plymouths beat up on many a Ford and GM overhead valve six.