How would you do it?

From: Brian Cooper
Email: 57plymouth@msn.com
Date: December 12, 2001


I need to rebuild my flathead, but I don't want to quit driving it while my motor is torn down. I have a spare 57 flathead in my parts wagon. Should i rebuild it and put it in when it is done, or keep the original motor in the car? Either way, I am still going to have to rebuild a motor, and still have a spare bullet laying around. Both cars are early 1957 build (Jan or Feb as best as I can tell), so the blocks are not too far apart in casting number. Am i right in thinking there are no serial numbers stamped into the block, so there are no numbers to match other than a 57 block in a 57 car? And no, I am not going to put a V-8 in, I am keeping this one stock. There must remain at least one flathead powered 57 in existance! Thanks!