Re: Where are you from?

From: John
Email: straycat@danvilletelco.net
Date: December 12, 2001


Sounds like your '57 is gonna be kool when ya get it done.My car is a '58 Chrysler Windsor 4 door hardtop.I am building a mild custom out of it.It has all the usual stuff,skirts,dummy spots,lake pipes,lowered,louvered hood,shaved door handles,'57 tail light lenses and a custom grille,and my color of choice is red and white tuck and roll interior,and hot rod grey(primer) exterior.I am going for a complete nostalgia look.only modern items in appearance will be radial tires.I don't care how people fix their cars,I am just glad to see them getting saved instead of junked.need any parts for your Dodge?