Re: Any FwdLkrs up there around Lindenhurst/Long Island??

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan330dhd@aol.com
Date: December 17, 2001


What are you sayin' I cain't spel or tak wit samrt. You say that I partake of homemade spirits? For shame! I thot likker made brane sells go by-by. I only got seven left, I got to protect them somehow. Do you know it is a lost art to make GOOD moonshine? Even I can't do it right any more. All I get is sour mash. A long time ago I was able to cook up a half(censored) batch. There are too many varibles, (murphy's law) that can go wrong with a inexperienced 'shiner'. How hot the fire, what kind of wood, how big is the cooker, what is the cooker made of, where is the best place to set the distillery up, ratio of sugar to corn, how long/dia of cooling tube? Cheaters have used auto radiators. That stuff is POISON, wood alcohol. I'm just proud that I have axcess to some REAL GOOD moonshine that is made the correct way here in West Virginia. I'm NOT saying that in Virginia the Carolians, Tennessee or Kentucky that there isn't a still that is better that the one I know of. And it even may be brewed better. It's just that since making moonshine s a lost art, it is NOT avabile in evey 7-11. I get some and hand it out for favors/conversation pieces, (braggin' rites?) or for someone to get roarin' sloppy commode huggin' drunk if they want to. NO, there are NO items YET over in England I want checked out. Whatsamatter, you want me to send you some 'shine instead of that rear 'de-frogger' for finding that old rock star for me???he, he, he. With the nice, (non winter) weather we're having I should have had that thing off and boxed up by now. You said you 'wernt' in no hurry. I told him about you finding him for me, and your '60 Plymouth. He might have seen it. Because he said that he still goes to all of the Air Froce Bases I was stationed at in the '60's, to watch the air shows now. Oh well. HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERONE! HAVE A HAPPY FIFTH ON THE FIRST. (I can't partake of anykind of alcohol, legal or illegal any more. Bad heart)