No one else answered? Prepare for two surprises!

From: Daven Anderson
Email: l96lfury@springmail.com
Date: December 17, 2001


#1. The 426 Hemi. (!!!) That's right,the 1950's Hemis have true Hemispherical combustion chambers and the 426 design is not a true Hemispherical combustion chamber (although it is ever so close). Indy Cylinder Head does offer the "Legend" engine (late Hemi-based but with true Hemi chambers) just in case you have lots of cash and you DEMAND that your late Hemi really BE a Hemi!! #2. This one goes out to all you in Oz (Australia): The Australian 215-245-265 c.i. "Hemi" inline six was actually a "Poly". NOT that it was handicapped by this,far from it! The 1972 E49 Chrysler Charger "Hemi 6-Pack",302 Hp from 265 cubes (three Weber sidedraft two-barrels),is STILL TODAY the fastest quarter-mile Australian-built-engine car ever built,14 seconds flat or less. That beats all of its contemporaries (The 351 Ford Falcon,the 350 Holden Monaro (GM),and yes the 340 V8 version of the Chrysler Charger!).