Adam Green,,,,,,,,keeping track of all you guys

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan30dhd@aol.com
Date: December 18, 2001


SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO NOW!!! You made me use up another 'brane sell'! Tryin' to keep track of all you guys without getting you mixed up! YOU made it happin! Shame on you there Adam in England. Let's see now, there is a Adam in the UK who is makin' fun of my moonshine,,,there is a Adam down tere in Australia who knows where there is a barn full of 300-C's or D's,,,there is a Peter over there in Switzerlad who has a '58 Plymouth with flamethrowers,,,there is a Gavin in the UK who found the fogotten 'British Invasion' rock star. (I mixed you up with him) I'm tradng him a old rear de-fogger off of a '58 Chry I have, he's putting it on a '60 Ply, as soon as I get it off, and figure the cheapest way for him to pay just the shipping,,,then there's Daven out there in Denver who doesn't need any encylopedias, cause he knows more than they can hold,,,there is a Marc Veenhus in Holland who collects car emblems. It cost me $43. to send him a bunch of car/bike rags and about 14 or 15 emblems. He sent me some Dutch booze, and a bunch of Christine feces, plus more items than I can list. I've been corrosponding with him even BC, (before computer),,,then I sold a pr of '60-61 Ply/Dog fender skirts to a Terry also in Australia,,,Dadgum shipping was just as much as what I wanted for the skirts! He offered twice what I wanted. I refused. That's NOT stupidity. That's what I thought this site was for, HELPING each other out, NOT getting greedy and tryin' to send your kids off to college. (you know who you are),,,there also is a biker over there in the UK, that was/is putting a 392 in a El Camino, I've forgot his name allready. I've sent moonshine to Calif, Tx, UK, Holland, and probable a couple of more places that I've forgotten about. I'm getting ready to send Eric up there in Wash state, a bottle for getting his buddie over there in New Hampshire to look at a car for me that was up there. (car had a rotten frame) Turns out HE is looking for some place down here in West Virginia to park a Airstream. I'm sending him a list of several places along with his bottle of moonshine. I'd better quit, before I loose another brain cell. All right Adam Green over there in the UK! What do you wanna trade me for a bottle of Genuine West Virginia moonsine?? MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERONE!! WHOO-HAW!