Re: Radio for a 1960 Belvedere

From: Gavin
Email: gavin.upstill@btinternet.com
Date: December 18, 2001


Firstly, congrats on having a 60 Belvedere. I have a 60 4 door over here in the UK that started out in Canada and went to Jamaica (allegedly) probably as a taxi before coming to the UK in 1965. I got it in the eighties. It too had no radio, just a hole in the dash. I found the period correct original AM radio for the car, had it refurbished and now its fitted (with period Ford speakers that work just fine !) Subsequently, since discovering the web I found that these radios turn up pretty frequently on ebay for next to nothing, like under $100. Oh well, the shipping would probably up the price to pretty much what I paid for mine. When I get enough spare cash I intend to add a trunk mounted multi-CD unit. Probably the Sony version. That comes with a lttle thumb-sized control that fits on your steering column (or wherever) to operate it. Best regards, Gavin