Re: send me some too!

From: jon hendricks
Email: lime_green_2001_gt_mustang_guy@yahoo.com
Date: December 19, 2001


it is funnythat you mention hearses, especially black ones....because I know the precise location of a black mid-70's caddy hearse. It is in the same salvage yard I got my Firesweep from. The hearse looks real good...and I think it has the cad 500 in it...not sure. The hearse sits away from all of the rest of the cars in the salvage yard...I think they did that on purpose. This hearse is really clean, has all of its glass, trim and stuff...even has the curtains and the pillows and stuff!! I will email you the name of the salvage yard and the phone # if you would like to get ahold of them. jon P.S. why on earth would you want a hearse? I think it would be rad to make one into a bracket racer.