Alumcan: Great story/'60-'61 Hearse.

From: Eric Carlson
Email: sk8bored@qwest.net
Date: December 20, 2001


Great story.....Your daughter sounds great....what a great dad you are!!! I remember being 15 and wanting a '59 Cadillac, I found one in St. Paul, Minnesota (where I grew up) for $350.00, my dad said *%$# NO!!!!! I never got a '59 to this day, I really don't like them anymore (I'm on this wagon thing). I understand the 'big' wheels, get her the 'big' wheels!!! Somebody is making 24" wheels now!!!! Anyway, some guys were up from California picking up a VW yesterday, they told me about a '60-'61 Cadillac hearse in a junkyard in Winston, Oregon. He said it was the main junkyard there, if you were interested, you could call information and get the number. I know a guy down that way that could check it out, moonshine won't work with him, maybe some protein pills!!!! Eric