Christine clone owners

From: Boyd Crompton
Email: bcrompton@satx.rr.com
Date: December 20, 2001


Loved both the movie and the book but mostly the car since I saw it at the theater in 83. So much so my lifelong goal was to own a car just like it. I now own one that I have built. I am trying to copy the car in every way. Any others in the group have one ? Would love to hear from you and share some knowledge. My car currently has the 318 2x4 setup in it but I will be looking to find the 350 in it soon.I plan on copying the custom chrome work in the engine bay with the red pinstriping on the air cleaners and valve covers the same as Christine. I cant quite make out what it says on the valve cover in the movie though. Looks like 350 2x4 ? Any way I even picked up a pair of extra interior upper door trim pieces which will have the fake chrome lock button knobs put in lol. Call me obsessed but I cant help it,it steals the show where ever I take it. Anybody out there more nuts on this stuff than me ?