Re: 57 vs 58

From: Mike Patterson
Email: mchr@theriver.com
Date: December 21, 2001


I tend to agree with you it's about 6 in one half a dozen the other.The major diffrence between the two was slight styling changes and you tend to like which ever one you own the best. Personally I also agree with you on the grills, but love the 57 Plymouth taillites over the 58s. Before I sold it I had a 57 Coronet at the same time I had my current 57 Plymouth Plaza. Both were 2 Dr Post cars, the Dodge was an early production model and the Plymouth was late production. The body fit on the plymouth is great, no matter what was done on the Dodge the doors and hood just did not fit right (this car was taken down to bare metal and as far as I could tell was never wrecked and had the original parts).