engine opinions

From: Dan Peter
Email: dan@pacbell.net
Date: December 22, 2001


I have a 61 newport sedan. The stock 361 and a-466 tranny run, but are fairly tired. I was wondering about swapping in a more updated mopar engine and tranny combo. Has anyone done this? like a 70's 318-360-383-440, with a 727 tranny behind it. Custom fabrication for engine mounts and tranny crossmember is no problem, but I'm looking for the most reliable, readily available setup for the fewest headaches in maintainence down the road. Someone recommended the 360, but I have read some bad things about it. Any opinions and what engine to seek out would be appreciated, as I'm a long-time mechanic but new to mopars. Also, is the stock stuff worth anything to try and sell? Thanks.