57 Plymouth Suburbans

From: Jessica Hendricks
Email: Mopargirlie_63@Yahoo.com
Date: December 29, 2001


i found 2 57 Plymouth Sport Suburbans (?) at the salvage yard today...sitting right on top of each other! Now, my first response to this is, i thought they didnt' make a "Sport Suburban" till '60. Most of the front is completely gone..so it is hard to make anything of a year, besides what is marked on the side of the car. Marked in bright yellow letters is "57". There aren't really any salvageable parts left on these poor wagons. However, i did find that the upper 'burban still has its rear window in tact! Its wound down so it isn't visible...and the interior is dusty, yet complete, from what i could see (remember i'm wedged beween the bottom 'burban, an early 50's Dodge Meadowbrook, and a 61 Newport..). If anyone needs a back window for their suburban, please let me know and i will set the glass aside for keeping. God only knows when they'll decide to crush the poor things. Someone let me knwo if im correct on the "sport" thingie?? Thanks! ~jessica hendricks