From: alumcan
Email: alumcan300dhd@aol.com
Date: December 30, 2001


Good Grief! 20 years old, a Homecomming QUEEN, a yard full of MoPars, and moving next to me! Whoo-Haw! Betty, I'm NOT drooling! Fantasizing maybe, but not drooling. I'm old enough to be her 'old man'. In a male dominated sport/hobby/whatever, it is refershing to see/hear about a girl/female/lady, not afraid to get her fingers dirty, but be good lookin' enough to be a Homecomming Queen. Some guy is gonna be lucky. I was corrosponding with a Street Rodder out there in California for a while. I wanted a picture of the Rod we were talking about. I got the picture and here was a girl standing proudly next to it. OK, I'll describe the Rod. '47 Ford 2-door Sedan, Black primer, little caps, on red wheels with wide whites. Dropped solid front axle, a old 283, with an OM tranny adapter. Still had the OM coloumn/dash with 'three on the tree'. I asked if that was his wife in the picture. Turned out SHE built the car herself, and her husband divorced her because he DIDN'T like old cars! I told her that there were guys back here that would craw through a hundred yards of broken glass, 'nekkid, just to be able to wave at her. I have seen too many nice vehicles/bikes/projects have to be sold/junked/gotten rid of, because of a 'nagging' wife/girl friend. My Harley was 'jinxed' by the 'nagging woman' syndrom, from day one. In 1989 this guy waked into one of the local Harley Dealers, plunked down $1200 on a new $10,500 FLHS. (Dresser) Late in 1990, it came in, he rode it home, less than 50 miles. His wife said, "Me the kid, or the (censored) Harley!" She then left! He took the bike back to the dealer, they said that they would try to re-sell it for him. Only after it was sold to te second guy for $10,500. did the first guy's wife and kid came back. The second guy managed to put just under 6000 miles on it before HIS wife did the same thing. Back to the dealer it went again. Along comes the guy that I bought it from, HE also paid $10,500 to the dealer. He managed to run the milage up just past 12,000, when HIS wife, told him either sell the bike to pay for HER daughter's wild credit car spree, or she was going to set fire to it and his deer hunting gun collection. He was about to take it back to the same dealer, when I heard about it. I had just cashed in two and a quarter tons of aluminum cans that I had saved and mashed for the past eight years. Yep, you guessed it, I also paid $10,500 for the Harley in '97. Since I had bought it with 'free' money, MY wife HAS NOT said anything negitave about it. (YET) I think/hope the jinx has finally been broken. I suppose there are 'horror stories' on the OTHER side of the coin, where the guy TOTALY neglects the wife/girl friend. It just seems like that on a monthly basis someone hears about a guy that has to sell his toy because of nagging wife. So WHEN the sterotyped opposite sex is in a hobby/whatever, that is mostly condemed by the opposite sex, yes Betty, we males like to fantasize. Every bike show I've been to, and seen a half naked girl hanging all over her guy, I fantasize, I wish my wife would be more like that. That's ALL I can do. But she and my oldest daughter will not have anything to do with Harley-Davidsons. A long time ago I stood at a alter before God, and said that I wasn't supposed to touch another woman. I LOOK, but I haven't touched. Anyway, enough of this. Jessica, just where in Pa. are you moving to? Our 'fearless leader', who started this whole FwdLk web site live up there in Pittsburgh, (he's single, with raging hormones) right around a hour north of me. Every year there is a big all Chrysler show at Carisle, Pa. Just think, you could enter the 'beauty contest'! And when you win, I could brag, that I talked to you on the FwdLk web site!! (I'll never wash this screen again) In Coloumbus, Ohio, three hours from me, is the MoPar Nationals. There are OTHER FwdLkrs strung out throught Pa. that sould say 'howdey'. Imagine, a girl who likes to 'truck' around in a junk yard,,,,,. Where were you 28-30 years ago? (:^) I don't think I'll run completely out of celebration material. See, I know where there is a Good moonshine 'still. So I can KEEP saying the fifth on the first bit, clear up untill tomorrow night without fear of running to empty. THAT'S MY STORY, AND I'M STICKIN' TO IT! P.S. Eric out ther in Wash. State is a old Beetle Bug Nut. I use to race 'em back there in the very early 70's. I might 'post' a picture of it. He'll probably get ahold of you. Probably everybody will want to get ahold of you. LOL EVERYBODY KEEP SEARCHING FOR THE ETERNAL BUZZ.