Re: '60 Ply Hearse...can this car still be saved?

From: Gavin
Email: gavin.upstill@btinternet.com
Date: January 01, 2002


Well, those are some pretty sad pictures guys. For what its worth though there are one or two more '60 hearses about than you might think. One of the first yank cars I saw that grabbed my attention as a youngster a few years back was a 60 Plymouth hearse that I saw drive by whilst I was at college here in the UK. It must have made quite an impression cos I just had to draw a picture of it later. Subsequently I bought a 60 Plymouth 4 door sedan (R/H drive, Canadian built) and got to meet the then owner of the hearse thanks to the guy I bought my car from. Apparently it had been either a saloon or station wagon (I forget which) shipped to Belgium where it had been turned into a hearse. Complete with chrome crucifix, urns and handrails on roof !!! I haven't seen or heard of it recently, but I'm pretty sure it's probably still cruising London. (If still owned by the same guy, possibly with a casket in back... with fake arm hanging out of it... nice !) Anyway, Happy new year folks !!!