More on '60 Ply and the British

From: Eric Carlson
Email: sk8bored@qwest.net
Date: January 03, 2002


I had some British friends in town last October, they come and buy cars, mostly VW's to ship back. We cruised around in my '65 Dodge 880 wagons, the one really wanted to buy one and bring it to England. They checked out my '59 Chrysler wagon and didn't seem "too impressed" with the lovely lines and finest dash! A friend of mine has a '60 Plymouth wagon and just got the engine rebuilt, so he needed a ride to pick up the car. I told the British guys they have to check this wagon out, it's the best! After all my hype, we get there....I could tell they weren't impressed. We left and I was way too excited about seeing the car driving. They look at me and begin to tell me how, if that car was in England, they would never pick 'any' women up!!!! I told them....the 'right' women will ride in that car. I've been to England four times and never saw a single 'yanktank', but three of the times I was over for VW shows. With all that Guinness on tap and doing my impression of a 'rubber jerry'....I really don't remember much. I bet my friend wishes he was in a '60 Ply. when we got hit in Belguim in '99. We were on our way to a VW show in Germany in a '54 RHD VW bus from New Zealand....top speed 60MPH with a 36hp!!! A huge truck hit from behind doing 75MPH. Well we got turned sideways, rolled twice and got thrown on to the autobahn. He broke his leg, we both suffered from alot of road rash, spent 5 days in the hospital in Belguim (with no American TV) and missed the show!!!! The rare VW was a total loss. I think the '60 would have held up better! Out...Eric