Re: '60 Ply Hearse..You guys Demo Rolls Royces!/Jags

From: Gavin
Email: gavin.upstill@btinternet.com
Date: January 04, 2002


Hey there ! I don't know about money trees mate ! I think that high cost of fuel has a lot to do with it, plus too many cars on the roads over here. Second hand car prices over here are sometimes virgin on the ridiculous. My neighbour has a '70s Rolls that is his pride and joy. (he uses it for weddings so it pays for itself) Last year some mad old lady blacked out and ran into the front of it and totalled it. He's since got the insurance money and is rebuilding it ready for the summer. People think hes loaded but if you look around you can buy an older Rolls for like six or seven grand. ( thats 6 or 7,000 pounds folks) Even Bentleys from the past 10 or 20 years are the same. Hows that for depreciation ? Buy a 70,000 car and sell it a few years later for under 15,000 Best regards, Gavin