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From: james
Date: January 05, 2002


A while ago I posted about a demo in my area where there was a 61 imperial 2 door and a unknown mopar the unknow was a 1956 iperial 2 door the engine was stuck and the guy pulled it in favor of a 350 chevy THe dumb thing was that the guy with the 61 can't even run his car in the deby because of the weld rules that are present this year. the 56 thoough has been demoed since 96. One of the most important things with a derby car though is that it is in good solid shape so it won't crush as bad so bolth these cars were definatly restorabl. The thing that I can't figure is that these cars are worth money to people to us and the could have sold them for a good amount. Another thing that will make all of you mad is now in my area evrybody is looking for imerials and other mopars to derby, 2 people have made offers on my car as a derbyer THe thing that no one mentioned with the Herse is that it probably was about to be crushed in a junkyard anyway.


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