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Tranny Q: overdrive wiring on 94 van tranny

From: Brian Cooper
Date: January 05, 2002


I am replacing the broken 904 in my 80 Lil' Red Express clone with a overdrive out of a 94 van. I am told it is either a 500 or 518. I'm sure someone here (cough, D..) would know better. It is going in front of a pre-smog LA 318, not a poly. It is the same length as my 904 (36 inches) but the crossmember is in a new spot. I can figure that out. I want to know two big things: 1: must I use a computer to control this or can I get away with the old 2 toggle trick? 2: which of the three connections is for the positive in, which for o/d and which for converter lockup? Any help here would be great, I keep hitting my head against a wall. I am trying to better my mpg with this tranny, and I just sold the 50 Dodge truck for what this tranny with converter cost, so it will be a close to free swap if I can pull it off. I am out of a daily driver until it gets done, so quick help is appreciated.


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