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Dukes of Hazzard

From: John Weyrick
Date: January 07, 2002


Hello,I just wanted to give my 2 cents worth about the Dukes.No one will ever know exactly how many Chargers were destroyed in the filming of the Dukes.They simply didn't keep an accurate count.I am friends with a few people from the show and some of the crew members..The best count they do have is 320 cars.They used (on average) 3 cars per episode.except for the episode titled ''Mary Kaye's Baby''in which NO General Lee's were used.Please don't look at me as someone who thinks they know it all.I have been a fan of the show since it first aired and have gathered a ton of information about the show.I have unseen crash footage and film,numerous pictures and lots of printed material etc...Again I am not trying to sound like I ''Know it All''..just tryin' to shed some light on the show.You can rest a little easier knowing that there were NO Hemi Chargers used...for what it is worth the longest General Lee jump was a distance of 423 feet....I know this site is for the Forward Look cars..and absolutely great cars they are..I have 7 finned Mopars myself so if anyone has any questions about the Dukes..please email me and I will do my best...Thank you and keep the fins pointed up.


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