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Re: cars lost --add 1 more car for fast and furious

From: John Weyrick
Date: January 08, 2002


The '70 Charger in the movie is not what it appears to be. The blower unit is fake as it doesn't fit through the hood, it sits ON the hood.The blower belt is a very obvious fake and the injection unit sure is missing a lot of plumbing.There is one scene where the charger pulls the front wheels off of the ground taking off...I have never seen a car do this while smoking the tires..if they are smoking,they are spinning and if they are spinning there isn't enough traction to pull the front wheels....oh well That's the movies for ya. as for the Camaro used in the ending scene of the origional Vanishing Point....the crew used it because they simply didn't want to destroy the Challenger.% Challengers were built for the movie but only 3 were actually used.


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