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In F&F movie,more than one Charger onscreen

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 09, 2002


The first Charger (in the first garage scene) appears to have a real blown Hemi. The Charger that hits the road later towards the end has a fake blower bolted to the hood. Pausing the DVD makes this very obvious. This Charger was built to be wrecked,the real blown car was likely rented or borrowed from a private owner. Most of the imports in the movie are private individuals' cars and they made duplicates of those to destroy as well (the exploding Eclipse,the crashed Civic,the machine-gunned Jetta,and the Supra that somehow 'magically grows a rollcage' during the final race sequence!). Even in the theatre I noticed the Supra's magic rollcage,presumably the stunt driver wanted SOME metal in case the Charger erred and ended up on top of the Supra! One question: After the credits,you see "Dominic" (Vin Diesel) screaming through Baja Mexico in a red '70 Chevelle SS 454. Do they wreck this one in the sequel?


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