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One car lost in F&F caused more outrage than 320 lost in "Dukes"!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 12, 2002


It does suck whenever any old car is destroyed in a movie,but compared to the Dukes TV show the movies are a virtual Charger preservation society. Even if we count all the movies from "Bullitt" to "The Fast and The Furious" the Dukes dwarfs them all put together. Funny thing is that the Dukes show caused a lot of interest in Chargers and may have SAVED more than 320 Chargers from going to the crusher. Almost certainly "Christine" caused enough interest in 1958 Plymouths to have saved more in the long term than the 23 '58's it destroyed. I'd say 'more than 23' people became Forward Look car fans because of "Christine".


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