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Pick up and Move...

From: Jessica Hendricks
Date: January 12, 2002


It is nearing the end of the month, and also the end of our stay in Texas. On January 31'st Jon, Me, our devil kittie and the Desoto will all make the long 22 hr voyage back up to Pennsylvania. We've reserved time to prep the desoto this upcomming weekend for the move, and a thought occured to me...since i do not have a rolling chasis (all 4 wheels are siezed), what would be the best/quickest/easiest way to get the desoto onto the car hauler?? I thought of using dishsoap and water to make the bed slick enough to slide the desoto on it. It is certainly going to be much harder since this car hauler dosen't have a wench. Does anybody have any quick solutions?? ~Jessica Hendricks Ps. if you see a stripped 57 desoto being towed by a yellow ryder truck..followed by a green sure to honk and wave!! :)


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