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my rant

From: Jon Hendricks
Date: January 13, 2002


this is my rant for the day....take it or leave it: Why is it that every single car owner who is trying to make his/her car fast has to compare their own car to a mustang? I mean, is it such a big accomplishment to beat a stock 3.8L v6 mustang in a stop-light race? I am a mustang owner, and they are not the greatest car on the road...but yet everyone has a story about how they "beat a stock mustang." For example, I was at work and few of my buddies stopped in, and they had brought along one of their friends whom I did not know...this guy asked me if I wanted to race his S-10 pickup and I told him I will not back down from a race with anyone, just not on the street(street racing is VERY STUPID by the way). He told me he could beat me, but he would be fair and not use Nitrous or his blower...and I said "is that what it takes now to beat a stock mustang GT, nitrous oxide and a blower?!?!" he said " i really dont have either of those two, but I do have an S-10...with a small block 350 in now it not only takes n2o and a blower, but an entire engine swap !! all to beat a mid 14 second 260 HP car. I just dont get it...has the mustang reached some level of greatness that it is some unimaginable feet to beat one? This rant has nothing to do with anything said in is just something I wanted to know. Jon Hendricks the "legendary mustang" owner


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