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Re: Today's REAL boy racer

From: ForwardLook Frank
Date: January 14, 2002


Not all of us! I'm 22 and am restoring a '59 Fury 4 door. I hate jelly bean cars,hondas,and just about everything (car) new. If it were up to me, all of those would be outlawed but, then again, we wouldn't have anything to race and beat. Also, we wouldn't be able to drive the guy in the jelly bean car crazy when his girlfriend gets mad at him when she asks, "why don't you have one of those", or "why isn't your car as fast". Jelly bean cars are a dime a dozen but, when you drive through the main drag with a FL car, all the girls talk and have good things to say about it. Just a thought. Take Care, Frank


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