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'99 Cobra vs. '99 Regal - Racing in the real world....

From: Dave Murray
Date: January 14, 2002


Well... Since Cobras were mentioned, I'll tell of my story. Last summer we were cruising in my girlfriends '99 Regal LS... A guy with a '99-ish Cobra Convertible was throwing revs at us (and everyone else)... I easily left him off the light and then backed off... Then at the second light, I left him again... with a Regal, for Crissakes, To give him the benefit of the doubt, He was slow into second each time, and the extra weight of the convertible, plus he and his buddy were on the large side, plus the heavy women in the back, his car had alot of extra pounds. But this goes to show how quick cars are (or aren't) in the "real" world, with real amateur drivers. Leave the racing on the track.


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