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Re: drum brakes

From: Gavin
Date: January 16, 2002


I sympathise ! In the short run the AAJ kit costs more than I can spare right now, especially after adding shipping cost to me here in the UK. (I dread to think what that would work out at, plus duty and tax) However, in the long run what you have to think about is this. I don't know about American driving conditions these days but over here everyone else on the road has been driving for so long with disc brakes, ABS, seatbelts etc. that they all drive way too fast and way too close together. Seems like none know about drum brakes, and sit 5 feet back from your tail then overtake and pull in 5 feet in front of you. Braking distances? what are they ? (I have thought about making a bumper sticker warning people not to do that unless they fancy two tons of steel rammed in their *** !!!) The fact is you have to consider everyone else on the road around you to be a complete idiot, Sadly, and drive accordingly. Disc brakes are definitely high on my future shopping list. But until then I too will be sticking to drums but driving extra defensively to keep my 60 Belvedere on the road. Best regards, Gavin


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